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And so it is...We create our own world by reflecting our inner world...

Bijgewerkt op: 20 aug. 2023

Energy does speak louder than words

Here we are. After a couple of years not creating my own thing, here I am again. Creating what I see in the world and how I want to see the world. I know I was holding myself back and giving space to other things in life. Like helping other people out and co-creating stuff.

With all of this a small voice kept asking for attention. Numinous is that small voice. Where my own journey is becoming the vision of this conscious platform.

What is your reflection?

Sometimes we find our world around is not the world we want to see. Where people are rude to us or don't treat us how we want to be treated. But where is that voice inside of you that tells those people where the line is? How you let other people treat you is a reflection of how you think you deserve to be treated. There is always a choice to change your world. But how come we don't take that step and let things happen to us?

Be the change you want to see in the world

Of course there are things happening in the world that are out of our control. But the way we take charge of our own world around is something we can manage. Where we can stop being the victim of all that happened to us and start being the beautiful soul that we are. Who has right to be seen, heard and loved. Where we break through resistance together and rise like a queen.

Are you ready to rise and stand in your light?

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