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Gathering of Queens

Woman Circle

“An ode to the woman who deserves to stand in her power”


Welcome Queen, Goddess, Sister, Mother and whoever defines themselves as Queen


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror with tears in your eyes? Behind those tears you saw a powerful woman who was broken but never lost her power. Two queens have gathered their forces to remind you that your inner queen was never lost.


Us queens are meant to be there for each other, to put the crowns on each others head again. We’re here to give birth, give life, teach them and radiate our feminine forces into the world. Through recognition and togetherness we’ll rediscover our courage back to step back into our divine powers, lifting each other up!

What would a queen do in this situation? When you ask yourself this question every time, you'll realize what you deserve and what is worthy of your time and energy.


Let’s gather in a circle to share our biggest power: our vulnerabilities.

Together we’ll move through the shadows and share our beautiful light during this gathering of queens. 


  • Cacao 

  • Guided Meditation with live music

  • Womb Movement

  • Shadow & light sharing

  • Empowerment of the queen

  • ‘Stand in your Power’ Singing Circle

Are you ready to rise like the queen that you are?

Biba Medicina & Numinous by Michelle


After video Gathering of Queens

We enjoyed this evening at Bondi yoga studio. It was magical with these Queens.

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