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About Numinous

Numinous is a platform where conscious growth comes together. Where you'll find a way to connect with your inner world and with that your outer world. You'll learn how to create the world around you by changing the world inside of you. Allowing a deeper trust that life is happening for you and not to you. You are powerful. What would a the best version of you do in every situation? When you ask yourself this question, you'll realize what you deserve and what is worthy of your time and energy. Let's rise and share our beautiful light together.

Photo by Sanne Marije

About Michelle

Let's take a look in the mirror


I've always this thing with mirrors, shades and light reflections. As I look at myself in the mirror I see the old wounds, doubts and insecurities. But when I look past this barrier and open my heart to myself, I see courage, pure love and a powerful woman. 

During my events I shine a light on how our inner world is a direct reflection on to our outer world. And how we cast our shadows and light reflections on to the outer world, is a translation of our inner world. 

Nevertheless, even I struggle to create my ideal world some days. A world where I do not sabotage myself and where the threat of pleasing others to get validation, remains unveiled. A world where I allow myself to feel the purest and most honest love, and where I choose the right things for myself. We are a diamond in a rough, and with the right environment and treatment we shall shine our brightest light.

Whilst teaching myself how to create the most desirable reality, I strive to make the world around me aware of this concept as well. How would you change your patterns and create your most desirable world? Let me take you on this journey.

This is a journey of a lifetime, in which you'll discover a new part of yourself everyday.  Let's make a promise to ourselves to grasp the space we need to be our full, authentic selves. Embracing both our darker shades and lighter reflections. 

Let's be that beautiful reflection for the world. 


Our vibrations speak louder then words

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