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EMRBACE the Circle
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The Circle

Let’s come together to embrace ourselves and each other. During the Circle Numinous will embrace you with warmth, calmness and just take a moment for yourself. During this evening event we will look at our own reflections.

A moment to embrace all of your beautiful body, mind and soul. A moment to land into your own energy again. A moment to truly see yourself in that beautiful being that you are. Let’s embrace all of it.

During this two hour event we will land, open up and share. We are not going to share too much about it. We would love for you to EMBRACE it all this evening and let all expectations go. 

Numinous by Michelle

During the events we shine a light on how our inner world is a direct reflection on to our outer world. And how we cast our shadows and light reflections on to the outer world, is translation of our inner world. 


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