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Reiki treatment

Revitalize with your 30 min reiki session

  • 30 min.
  • 55 euro
  • Online

Beschrijving van de dienst

Reiki 2  Do you feel you need more rest in your body and mind? A reiki session can give you more peace of mind. It will make sure you land more in your body and get out of your mind. It will let energy flow where it is stagnated and will give you more rest in the body.  ​ The sessions can be on distance or at location.  ​ Would you like better sleep, calm mind and more overall energy? Book a reiki session to experience calmness and give the body what it needs in that moment. ​ The online session  The online session will take 30 min. I will pick an oracle card for you as well for the guidance of your path. And we will have an after talk about the experience. ​ ​ *Photo by Darcey Supulli



Den Haag, Nederland

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